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How do I create a new topic in a forum?
Click on the corresponding button or link in the window with the list of forum topics or the particular topic. You may have to register before you send your message.

Can I use HTML
Presently, HTML is not supported in forums, however, you can format messages using BBCode tags.

How do I format text messages?
The following tags can be used:

Tag Description Notes
[b], [u], [i] bold, underlined, or italic text. A closing tag [/b], [/u], [/i] must be included
[img]address[/img] Image Where address is the complete file path to the image file on any public site
[list], [*] List A list is opens and closes with the [list] and [/list] tags. Each point in the list starts with the [*]
[quote] specialized tag to indicate a quotation The corresponding closing tag, [/quote], must be included
[code] specialized tag for indicating code The corresponding closing tag, [/code], must be included
[color=color], [size=size] change of color and text size A corresponding tag, [/color] or [/size] must be included

Can I insert pictures?
Images can be included in messages. Forums do not yet support pictures. To include an image, indicate the link of the image on the server, for example: [img][/img].

Why do I need to register?
Whether registration is mandatory or not is decided by the local administrator. Each forum may be set to require registration or not.

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